Form Cascading

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Form Cascading

This field is a great choice when you want to connect multiple forms together creating a contiguous experience for your respondents. If you want to simplify really complex forms with common templates that you "stitch" or link together, this is a powerful innovation that allows you to do that.

Choosing Forms

When you place this field into position anywhere in your main form you are presented with a multiple choice drop down selector containing all the active forms in your current inventory. You are able to cascade multiple separate forms together. You are also able to cascade within a cascaded form creating complex form nesting scenarios. The form fields will assume the name of the cascaded form name present in the drop down form selector.

The results of the respondent entries will stay with the specific forms cascaded together quite elegantly.


Any form that is connected by a cascade field will independently update data when a user enters information and in addition to the separate form data set, the updates flow upwards to the top level cascade form data set. Bi-directional data management is possible with the top level collation of all separate form data into one unified experience and report output.