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Upon user submission all form data is automatically saved into the ITAM database. Entries (database records) can be managed within ITAM via the Entry Manager.

It's important to remember that Admin Portal submitted forms will generate a new database record that may be viewed within the Admin View function whereas the User Portal is more collaborative based and a single database entry will be made and updated with each form submission for as long as the User is subscribed to that specific form.

The purpose for these two unique form submission behaviors is to offer a collaborative experience to groups updating a single form with the User Portal and individual assessments by administrators from the Admin Portal form viewer.

To access the Entry Manager select a Form from the Forms List in the Forms Manager and then select the Entries tab on the advanced options below the form entry.


The Entry Manager consists of a main table that displays all the records of your entries. On the top left of the table, options to export/delete your entries are provided. On the top right of the table, there are options to let you filter your entries and display the selected fields. On the bottom right of the table, a drop-down menu to sort your entries by any fields is available.


View Entry Detail

To view the detailed information on an entry, click the row in the entry list. A page with the details of the submission will then be displayed. Additionally, metadata information such as the creation data/time, user, and IP address are also available. Additional management functions are also available in a side pane that allow the user to Edit, Email, Print, or Delete the entry.


Editing Entry

When viewing the details of an entry, the user may edit the entry by clicking the “Edit” link on the top right corner of that page. Note that the “Date Updated” field will be updated each time the entry is updated. Placing the entry in edit mode allows edit access to all pages of a multiple page form.


Forward an Entry

Forwarding or re-sending an entry to any or multiple email accounts is as easy a clicking the “Email” link on the View Entry page. Be sure to separate multiple email addresses with a comma.


Filtering Entries

The filter entries feature is one of the most powerful functionalities of IT Audit Machine. Users can filter entries based on one or more conditions. Click on the “Filter Entries” link on top of the entries and the Filter Builder will be displayed. Select the field to use as the filter from the drop-down, select a logic option, and define the comparison value.

Add more conditions by clicking the “plus” icon on the right. After defining all the necessary filters, click the Apply Filter button. All entries matching the defined filters will be displayed. Note that by default IT Audit Machine will “remember” the last filter applied to a specific form even when the user logs out of ITAM.

To edit an existing filter click the Edit link in the Display filtered entries pane. To remove a filter set click the Clear Filter link in the Display filtered entries pane. Note that neither applying a filter nor the clearing filter removes the data from the database. Filters only affect the entries selected for display and/or export.


Displaying Selected Fields

The field column space on the Entry Manager display is limited. Depending on the form and the needs of the user it may be necessary to modify the fields that are display so as to view only the most important fields.

Click the Select Fields button on the top right corner of the entries list to select the fields to be displayed.


Exporting Entries

IT Audit Machine allows the export of all of the form entries to an Excel, CSV, or tab-separated text file. Simply filter and select the entries to be exported and then click the Export button located at the top-left of the Entries Manager list. If no entries are explicitly selected, ITAM will export all of the entries applying any defined filters.