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Create, edit and manage your reports using the Create New Report tool. Analysis and comparison of existing form data may be computed and assigned to a user. Administrators create reports that will be dynamically updated by User Portal data inputs only. Data from Administrator inputs are ignored.

Create Report

To begin the report creation process begin with selecting the Create New Report button. Remember that report data will only be displayed when actual form data has been collected. Reports are dynamically updated once created when additional form data is entered.


Select Report

  1. Select the form you want to analyze information from using the form check box.
  2. Select the Exclusive report for: company name you want to assign the report to which will be displayed in the User Portal.
  3. Select the Create New Report which generates the report.


Display Type

Select the type of report format you want. Remember that your form must contain an address field in order to utilize the mapping display types.


Formats Include:

  1. Line Chart
  2. Area Chart
  3. Column and Bar Chart
  4. Pie Chart
  5. Scatter and Bubble Chart
  6. Dynamic Chart
  7. Combination Chart
  8. 3D Chart
  9. Gauges
  10. Heat Map
  11. General Map
  12. Dynamic Map


Make a selection for how the report data will be computed. Remember that form data must be available in order to render a report and display the calculation selected.



Each question field has the capability to easily put a risk or weighted score assigned to each response your question fields have. Each score has a color assigned to it so when you generate a report, the associated score will get a color assigned to it. For every 10 points, a new color is assigned with a range between 0 through 999 producing 100 color combinations.

Here is the color palette used for scoring from green to red.