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Manage My Account

Users will manage basic account and login information from the My Account screen accessible via the My Account button on the ITAM main menu.

Changing Passwords


A user may change their login email address and their password.

Clicking the Change Password button displays the Change My Password dialog box:


To change the user password enter the same password into both fields and click the Save Password button. Note that password changes are applied immediately and the new password will be required at the next login of the user.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for administrators is an optional but highly recommended security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to a user's IT Audit Machine account. Once enabled, the IT Audit Machine will require a six-digit security code in addition to the standard password whenever users sign in.


Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Administrators

To enable Multi-Factor Authentication select the check box then follow the on-screen instructions.


It is important that users enter the six digit security code in order to complete the Multi-Factor Authentication activation process

Note that the status of Multi-Factor Authentication is shown as Activated.


Users should be sure to click the SaveChangesBtn.png button to insure any desired changes to their profile are applied.

Should you need to reset your MFA, uncheck this option, save then immediately recheck it and save. You will be prompted to reset your MFA when you login next.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Users

User Portal accounts require the usage of multi-factor authentication at all times. ITAM utilizes two methods of receiving one-time codes. The recommended method is by using the same authentication application mentioned earlier. The alternative method is by using the method where a one-time code is sent to your registered email address.