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IT Audit Machine is designed to create forms that can be easily integrated into an organizations existing website. Through use of the multiple embedded code options, administrators are able to deploy an ITAM form within an existing website utilizing a familiar coding method.

Access the Form Code interface by selecting a form from the Form Manager and then selecting the Code button on the tab menu below the selected form.


Choosing a Form Code

There are six form embedding code type options available. The type of form embedding code selected will depend on a number of factors including the web architecture of the existing target site and the familiarity of the website administrator/designer with available code types.


To view and select a Form Code Type click the drop-down field located at the right side of the Form Code screen. Note that it may be necessary to use the elevators to adjust the display of the the code window. After selecting the desired "Form Code Type", copy and paste the generated code in the display window into the existing target website as appropriate.

The following examples are representations of the code generated for integrating an ITAM form into and existing website.


Using The JavaScript Code

The JavaScript Code is the recommended code to embed the form in an existing web page. Using this code, the form will blend seamlessly into the existing page design. Under the hood, the JavaScript code basically displays the ITAM form inside an iframe. However, the JavaScript is smart enough to expand the height of the iframe as needed. As this code is intended to integrate the form into an existing web page seamlessly, the form’s background, border, and logo header will not displayed.

A sample looks like:

<script type="text/javascript"> var __itauditmachine_url = 'https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/embed.php?id=62826'; var __itauditmachine_height = 1139; </script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/js/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/js/jquery.ba-postmessage.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/js/itauditmachine_loader.js"></script>


Using The Iframe Code

If the existing website is using CMS that does not allow the use of Javascript code, then the IFrame Code option may provide a workable solution. It may be necessary to manually adjust the height of the iframe to insure that the Submit button of the form is displayed properly.

A sample looks like:

<iframe onload="javascript:parent.scrollTo(0,0);" height="1139" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="width:100%;border:none" src="https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/embed.php?id=62826" title="Data Risk Calculator - Sample 0%-100%"><a href="https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/view.php?id=62826" title="Data Risk Calculator - Sample 0%-100%">Data Risk Calculator - Sample 0%-100%</a></iframe>


Using the PHP Embed Code

If the existing site utilizes PHP pages instead of HTML, embedding the ITAM form using PHP code could significantly improve the loading time of the form. Note that no iframe is used when using this form code to ensure that the form is integrated into web page completely. However, administrators should be aware that certain conventions in the generated PHP code may conflict with the existing PHP in the existing target site. This can be a particularly challenging issue if the target site is a CMS. Therefore, the PHP Code type option is not guaranteed to work on all web pages. In case of failure, use Javascript/Iframe Code.<

A sample looks like:

<?php require("/html/itauditmachine/auditprotocol/itauditmachine.php"); $la_param['form_id'] = 62826; $la_param['base_path'] = 'https://auditmachine.com/auditprotocol/'; display_itauditmachine($la_param); ?>


Using the PHP Form File

The PHP Form File option will generate a PHP File that the administrator can then download. This file will display the selected ITAM form without using iframe. The form will be displayed as a stand-alone form, complete with its background, header, and logo. After downloaded the file, it must be uploaded to the same server that the IT Audit Machine installation resides. Note that when using Flash based websites, the PHP form file is be an excellent option that allows linking to the file from flash pages.